poems by anna

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

be one

Love life
Without strife
Have a smile
Will take you ahead by miles
Shed your pride
Be humble in your stride
Life is short, but beautiful
Waste it not, do not be a fool
Cry not over spilt milk and fight
Make up before you lose sight
Hold hands together
Pray to be one, forever
Forget your grudges and make a try
Let not your life dry
Become one soul
Never let your marriage foul
Be an inspiration
Let love be true, not just infatuation
Share your love and feelings
Fill your life with meaning


  1. Hi Deepa akka,
    All your poems are short & sweet :) i see a deep philosopher & spiritual seeker in you from the kind of messages you convey. that is very heart-warming considering how rare this species of people have become today.
    Nice work & nicer thoughts. Will keep stopping by occasionally.

  2. thank you. happy that you read and understand my point of view.

  3. Your poems are very thoughtful with deep meanings...Keep it up...

    Happy blogging!