poems by anna

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

be one

Love life
Without strife
Have a smile
Will take you ahead by miles
Shed your pride
Be humble in your stride
Life is short, but beautiful
Waste it not, do not be a fool
Cry not over spilt milk and fight
Make up before you lose sight
Hold hands together
Pray to be one, forever
Forget your grudges and make a try
Let not your life dry
Become one soul
Never let your marriage foul
Be an inspiration
Let love be true, not just infatuation
Share your love and feelings
Fill your life with meaning

love and smile

Why do you cry?
Has your love gone dry?
Do not be so sad,
The world is not so bad.
Just make a try,
Love before it goes dry.
Fight to the finish,
Remove ego and blemish.
Humble and simple must you be,
Wash out I and me.
Love for love’s sake,
Or life will be at stake.
Care and share,
Will save you from tear.
There are only few chances,
To enjoy life’s nuances.
Life is for loving,
Not to be brooding.
Smile and become happy,
Fret not neither be snappy.
Fill your life with love,
With respect will others bow.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


 Marriage is commitment
 It makes the heart pleasant
 The lovely bride and her maids
 The flowers in her hands
 And the stars in her eyes
 The smart bridegroom
With apprehension in his eyes
The expectation in the air
The smiles in all faces
Eyes straining to see the lovely pair
The music and the vows
This happy moment
May ever be present
The heart beats of joy and happiness
May ever be there to enjoy
Let not selfishness envelop
Let no grudge be present
Allow not a fight
To sway you out of sight
Truth and courage will lead you
Shove the obstacles with their might
A happily ever after story
Then Cinderella,
Now your story.

god is here to stay

Who is GOD?
You might ask?
He is present
In your heart
Your soul has a door
Which when unlocked
Reveals His chart
If the mind is untidy
He hates to enter
Filled with bad thoughts
He turns and goes away
But try if you can
To bring Him back again
He shall guide you
Bringing you only gain
Sweet is His voice
Heard in silence
Loud sounds disturb Him
Peace will vanish then
If once His presence is felt and enjoyed
You will never let loose the feeling
Of his presence
You shall yearn for his sweet and silent voice
And peace shall you ever enjoy.

suspect not

Suspicion is like a disease
Spreading fast
Destroying life
Like a wild creeper
Clinging and engulfing
Inserting its claws
The mind is soon a slave
Now a coward, once brave
No man has the right
To throw a stone with all his might
Nobody is perfect
Or completely sane
Never hold in contempt
All are equal
Nobody deserves the blame
Love instead and tame
Anger can be melted
By soothing words and gestures, not feign
Truth and love if joined
Will bring about a miracle
And enjoin
Never will you part again
Or cry but will rejoice again

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

find peace of mind

peace of mind, I do not find
my life is a daily grind
words of anger and spite
make me move against the right
I do despair
even pull my hair
but God rescues me
He never lets it be
He is my solace, my comfort
my strong fort
He gives me strength and courage
never lets me down as I age
trust in God I say
never forget to pray
He is always there to defend.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

how to be successful

a simple life is a boon
riches, too much is a fright
every man wants to be rich
to have money,
to be famous.
but, ask the rich
and you shall know
privacy is never gained
fear of losing position
once it's attained
will thwart peace of mind
and sleep evades.
humble and simple are the tools
sincerity and honesty are the rules
hard work and unselfishness
all these make you right
DHARMA will be on your side
if you are righteous and dharmic
you will not have to pray
because GOD will reside permanently in your heart
and guide you to success ,never depart.